Fra' Giovanni Angelico

A tale of my time in Florence

1 Euro Gelato September 24, 2010

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This afternoon we were introduced to the famous 1 Euro gelateria-kind of a big deal. Most gelato prices start at 1.50 but there’s just something special about paying 1 that makes you feel like you got a deal. Think about the Dollar Store…exactly. The gelateria, ‘La Carraia’ is on the south side of the Arno River and about 5 bridges up from our apartment, equaling a 45 minute walk. Lucky for us, the walk paid off. The gelato was not only great but its the best we’ve had since being in Florence. Marking this on our map for sure. Afterwards we joined our (only) friends, Cody and Kait (a newly married couple that our in our study abroad organization that we’ve gotten to know for the past three weeks) and introduced us to the international food store where we were in search of american favorites not found here, i.e. peanut butter, oatmeal, mac & cheese (don’t worry, we didn’t buy that one.) We got distracted though and wandered through the San Lorenzo market. The first time we found it we were rushed for time but today we had time to spare and apparently walked slow enough to be harrased by the vendors. New lesson: pointing to something of interest or curiosity induces venders to ask questions, promote half off pricing and even force a purse upon your shoulder. Guess I’ll know better for next time. We had a really good day. It was a lot of walking, but being thirty minutes from the town center always leaves us with a lot of walking no matter where we go. It looks like tomorrow may be a visit to the Duomo and a climb to the top, some 400 steps later.


Better Late Than Never September 23, 2010

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During the time of my first post, this blog was intended for my meaningless adventures in Seattle, but since I’m now in Italy, I may be more entitled to at least be considered as worthy blog reading material.  I’ve been in Florence now for 24 days and while I should have started blogging from day 1, I didn’t.  But it’s better late than never, so let’s begin.